GJENDØD - Nedstigning CD

GJENDØD - Nedstigning CD

Norwegian black metal duo Gjendød return with a first full-length "Nedstigning".

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The follow-up to the band's ferocious debut demo, the album was recorded between April and August 2016 at Trondheim's Nord Stern Studios and features 7 masterful tracks of classic Norse black metal filled with blood-freezing atmosphere. With this record, Gjendød try to express what they mean by descending towards another death; it shows how hopeless and air-gasping it all will become after that. Nedstigning is available now as a jewel case CD with 8-page lyric booklet as well as in digital format. 


"Returning with Nedstigning, their debut full-length, Gjendød walks further down the snow-covered path into history-minded obscurity. “Håpet Falmer” continues mysterious musicians K and KK’s stylistic fence-treading, balancing their cold, riff-based songwriting with unsettling moments of clattering discord and dime-turn rhythmic changes. The adrenal, savage black metal offered by Gjendød masterfully fuses these two disparate, but still wholly Norse black metal lineages." -INVISIBLE ORANGES

"The album is dramatic, ice-cold, and beguiling, equal parts majestic and morbid, incinerating and depressive. While it’s a devoted embracing of Nordic black metal traditions, it provides changing shades of frost-bitten intensity while never relenting in its exposition of a pitch-black hopelessness." -NO CLEAN SINGING

"It’s fair to say that “Nedstingning” has become one of my favourite releases this year and some of the best Black Metal in a long time. It’s hard to believe that it’s just two people that have made this record! Their emphasis on quality shines above everything else, there are no bad notes, production glitches or anything else just pure Black Metal at its finest." -METALPHOBIA