AVICHI - Catharsis Absolute DIGI CD

AVICHI - Catharsis Absolute DIGI CD
“I reach forward with the All Father’s hand, and ascend into finer grains of sand.”

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With his third AVICHI album finally released, sole mastermind Andrew Markuszewski (aka Aamonael) has delivered the mightiest album in the AVICHI repertoire to date. “Catharsis Absolute” is a vicious, furious, yet moving black metal album that will define Markuszewski as one of the scene’s most prominent visionaries. Taking the sound he formulated with his “Divine Tragedy” debut and “The Devil’s Fractal” follow-up, “Catharsis Absolute” is a glorious culmination of Aamonael’s musical oeuvre, resulting in his singular vision unparalleled.

Recorded by Andrew Ragin (THE ATLAS MOTH) at Wall To Wall studios and mixed by Sanford Parker, and presented in a gorgeously packaged 8-panel digipack tracklisting for “Catharsis Absolute” goes as follows:

1. Repercussion
2. Flames In My Eyes
3. Lightweaver
4. Voice Of Intuition
5. All Gods Fall
6. Catharsis Absolute