PERDITION WINDS - Transcendent Emptiness CD

PERDITION WINDS - Transcendent Emptiness CD

Finnish black metallers Perdition Winds (feat. members of Desolate Shrine, Sargeist, Lie in Ruins and Corpsessed) triumphantly return with their new album.

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Titled 'Transcendent Emptiness', the band’s second full-length echoes from the tradition while inhaling the toxic oxygen of today. It’s a journey through the darkest paths one takes, leading to a triumphant resurrection in the abyss. 50 minutes of expertly crafted black metal that’s both terrifying and full of atmosphere. The album was mixed and mastered by Henri Sorvali (Moonsorrow) at Trollhouse Audio and is the band’s first record to feature new vocalist J.I.

"...clearly one of the year's most notable black metal releases and undeniably the best of December." (Imperiumi)

"...this album is some riffed-out, menacing black metal of the highest order." (Indy Metal Vault)

"...'Transcendent Emptiness’ effortlessly channels Finland’s finest black metal history" (Grizzly Butts) 

"Perdition Winds has taken everything to the next level on their sophomore release" (Transcending Obscurity)

Format: jewel case CD with 8-page booklet adorned with metallic silver print.