“The liar's eyes gleam with intoxication.”

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One of the most dense, complex, twisted, and amoral metal albums to be released this year, “Obsian” is sonic madness and dementia personified. The soundtrack to your ultimate mental breakdown.

Taking their sound and plunging further towards the depths by creating a much more layered and intricate opus than the band’s cult “Mounds Of Ash” debut, CASTEVET (now featuring KRALLICE bassist Nicholas McMaster who joins the comradeship alongside vocalist/guitarist Andrew Hock and drummer Ian Jacyszyn) once again will take the listener into a world of pain and personal hell through the six tracks that encompass an album unlike anything else going on in the metal scene today. “Obsian” is a dark, bleak, uneasy, and ominous album crafted through meticulously constructed musical counterpoint via waves of dissonant progressive tones and rhythms laced with melodic shape-shifting song structures. Almost like a 20th century classical opus filtered through the lens of blackened avant-garde prog metal. It then climaxes in full-on anxiety-filled glory with “The Seat Of Severance”, featuring the vocals of Extra Life drummer Nick Podgurski. The album also features a guest horn section courtesy of Amy Mills and Tim Byrnes.

Tracklisting for “Obsian” goes as follows:

1. The Tower
2. Cavernous
3. The Curve
4. As Fathomed By Beggars And Victims
5. Obsian
6. The Seat Of Severance