Hellthrasher Productions proudly presents the CD version of last year's excellent new Yith (US) album.

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Following four well-received demos (self-released between 2011 and 2014), "dread," the first full-length from yith, is a cold slab of hopeless black/doom that continues the project's exploration of darkness, fear and grief. With haunting melodies and lyrical inspiration coming from the pages of M.R. James and H.P. Lovecraft, "dread" tries to pull the listener into a bleak abyss of endless horror. After a sold-out cassette edition, the album finally gets a digipak CD release featuring different cover art plus slipcase. 

"That feeling when you settle into a tremolated haze, surrendering yourself to the blackness of a blastbeaten storm. Here walk riffs of ponderous weight and majestic mien. Fielding more artillary than your average arpeggiated assault, Yith speak from a position of legitimate potency. Guitar tone rules the day; doom and malevolent melody wield equal power in this maelstrom. Intrigue pervades every minute of these massive tunes." -MINDFUL OF METAL 
"The atmosphere is often dismal and desolate, the pacing often as slow and stately as a funeral procession, with chilling doom chords bringing the weight and frightfulness of death to the doorstep. But the high, trilling guitar melodies and haunting acoustic passages are also often beautiful, and the black metal sections are explosive. (...) it has become one of the year’s highlights for me" -NO CLEAN SINGING

"Perhaps the best one man band in the US. Dude has been hard at it for the past few years, issuing demos constantly but with Dread, he finally seems to have built a more robust sound that serves his arrangements perfectly." - CALIGARI RECORDS