DESOLATE SHRINE - Tenebrous Towers CD

Officially licensed CD reissue of Desolate Shrine's debut album!

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With a steady output of three full-length albums throughout the first half of the 2010s (the latest two on Dark Descent Records), Finland's purveyors of chaos and wrath, Desolate Shrine, proved to be one of the most consistently crushing death metal acts, that appeared in the underground scene during the past five years. Originally released in 2011 through Hammer Of Hate, "Tenebrous Towers" started off the band's journey to the abyss with seven tracks of possessed, atmospherically rich blackened death metal, interspersed with chilling acoustic sections and inhuman dual-vocal attack. Out of print for a while, the album is available again on CD (out: October 16th 2015) with a vinyl edition scheduled for 2016 release. The CD reissue remains faithful to the original version both in terms of master recording and artwork/packaging (jewel case with 16-page booklet). Desolate Shrine's multiinstrumentalist, LL, recalls the band's beginnings:

"Tenebrous Towers had been brewing a long time in a form or another. It was and is way more inspired by the 90´s swedish death metal than the following albums and the songs were written during a chaotic and bizarre period between summer - winter 2010. At the moment there was no singer(s) and no idea about the future but after R.S. and M.L. joined, everything clicked right away. Tenebrous Towers is absolutely spontaneous and hate-fueled work that is a perfect representation of the band´s state of mind at that time."