ABYSSAL - Denouement CD

ABYSSAL - Denouement CD

Official limited CD reissue of highly acclaimed debut masterpiece. Enigmatic, refreshing blackened death metal, reminiscent of Portal and Mitochondrion, yet unique in its own way. 50 minutes of twisting, unpredictable sound layered with an engulfing atmosphere.

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ABYSSAL are a mysterious three-piece from the UK that play a twisted form
of demented, ambient, dark epic death metal. Early 2012 they self-released
their crushing debut album “Denouement”. Just over a two months ago, on Jan 01, 2013 they unleashed their newest opus of death metal horror entitled “Novit
Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius”, once again self-released by the band via hand-assembled CDs and digitally. On April 2th, both albums will be officially re-released on CD by Hellthrasher Productions and Profound Lore Records,
while the vinyl treatment of „Denouement” will be put out by Hellthrasher in